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Welcome to FuturePoint Online, the official site for FuturePoint, a Florida based non-profit youth organization, and the #1 resource for personal development programs and services for young people on the web.
Whether you are a teenager, an educator, a youth worker, a parent, or someone who has an interest in supporting programs that empower youth, we congratulate you on your commitment to learning and promise that you’ll find something of great value here on this site.

FuturePoint was founded with the conscious intent to…

  • Be the most complete and responsive resource for youth empowerment programs, both on and off line, anywhere in the world.  

  • Offer progressive, high-impact and entertaining workshops that really connect with young people and provide them with the tools, training and resources to develop their own greatness; personally, academically, socially and professionally.  

  • Build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations that share our vision for empowering teens.  

  • Establish a local, national and international membership based support community that is aligned with FuturePoint’s purpose.  

  • Develop a team of dedicated associates that are committed to our organizational goals, continuing education and who are constantly reaching for new levels of creative expression.  

  • Provide the professional opportunity for young graduates to utilize their passions for helping other youth and giving back to the world community.

FuturePoint's Mission:

FuturePoint is a non-profit organization that engages youth in innovative, hands-on experiential trainings that result in self-discovery and personal empowerment.

FuturePoint's Vision:

People who understand their value, are connected to each other, live their lives authentically and contribute to the world.

What some are saying about our programs...

“I recommend FuturePoint to any school or youth organization seeking to provide those extra programs that are so important in personal development, self-awareness, and focus of the future for the young people they serve.” - William McIntyre, - Principal, North Broward Preparatory Schools




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